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Georgia Balke Familie

by Jerry Patel

Georgia Balke Familie | ist die Aufregung der vergangenen Tage gar nicht so deutlich anzumerken.Das wirkt noch wie ein Traum, bei ,The Voice Kids’ gewonnen zu haben”, erklart sie. Sie hatte sich jetzt schon mehrmals das Video von Auftritt angeguckt, um es besser fassen zu konnen.

Georgia Balke Familie
Georgia Balke Familie


Am Sonnabend ging es aus Berlin, wo Sat.1 die Show aufnimmt, wieder nach Bremerhaven, um dem Geburtstag des Bruders zu feiern.

Dort gab es einen großen Empfang durch Familie and Freunde – und eine Riesenparty.

She is presently seen in the Leher Stadtpark with the trophy in her hand. She exclaims with joy because “for the first time ever,” the prize was awarded to the winner with the condition that she could keep it.

She said that she plans to put it “exactly next to the golden buzzer” when she does finally put it anywhere. Dieter Bohlen, a prominent figure in the music industry, presented it to her on the RTL show “Das Supertalent.”

It is difficult to put a number on the number of people who have sent their congratulations on various social networks, such as Instagram. The eleven-year-old girl is on Instagram with her parents at the moment, and she explains, “I like to message everyone back.”

And she is already accustomed to the glare of the spotlight because to the fact that the eleven-year-old had previously achieved second place in RTL’s “Supertalent” competition in 2019.

Georgia had already left “The Voice Kids” for this season before the production began since she was required to remain in corona quarantine while the show was being filmed. However, thanks to the votes of the audience, she was able to advance to the final round.

Following the conclusion of the competition on Friday evening, the singing talent from the duo comprised of Smudo and Michi Beck from the Fantastischen Vier received the most votes from the public and was overcome with joy as a result.

The student has performed the Elvis classic “Can’t Help Falling in Love” in the past while wearing a white dress. Her performance was diva-like, angelic, and rocking all at the same time.

The final show was recorded not long before it was aired; the only live portion of the broadcast was the announcement of the decision.

However, the young, gifted vocalists were required to take their places in the audience since, for reasons pertaining to the protection of children, they were not permitted to be on stage after 10:00 p.m.

Georgia Balke Familie
Georgia Balke Familie
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