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Susett Kleine Alter

by Jerry Patel

Susett Kleine AlterSusett Kleine, an RTL reporter, witnessed similar occurrences when covering an undercover operation in the Chemnitz rat colony Auerswalder Blick Nord, which she covered for RTL.

As a result of their observations, they learn that Wurstbeläge, which should have been thrown away, were brought to Soljanka and shredded before being used again.

The Obstschale, which has been sitting on the counter for several days, will be scraped off and dunked in sugarwater first thing in the morning.

According to the personnel, this procedure is referred to as “refreshing.” B. is used in a variety of dishes, including potato salads.

Susett Kleine Alter
Susett Kleine Alter

This careless handling of spoiled foods follows the RTL-reporter throughout her working day like a rotted flag. Every time she takes a look around, she notices that employees are changing the labels on the pre-order jars and changing the date on which the orders are supposed to be delivered.

When it comes to the evaluation of ARD-Consuments, and specifically when it comes to individuals who, in the opinion of the ARD-Redaktion, are right, or who position themselves in the ideological middle, or who are perceived as right by the Linksextremists, the ARD-Leute leave nothing to chance.

In this regard, the article “Ermittlungen gegen Hildmann,” on which Julian Feldmann, Nino Seidel, Susett Kleine, and Daniel Laufer all contributed, serves as an excellent example of how this might be accomplished effectively.

It’s hard to believe that Nicole Schreiber previously worked as the administrative assistant to former CSU General Secretary Alexander Dobrindt before joining Tank and Rast in 2011.

The next year, she worked as a public relations representative for the company “Tank and Rast.” Today, she is again in the employ of Alexander Dobrindt, this time in the capacity of personal assistant to the current Minister for Transport and Infrastructure.

Susett Kleine Alter

Susett Kleine Alter
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