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Ginger Wollersheim Wahres Alter

by Jerry Patel

Ginger Wollersheim Wahres Alter – Ginger Costello Wollersheim is a former webcam girl and crooner. She rose to prominence as a result of her association with red light king Bert Wollersheim.

Ginger Costello Wollersheim, born Yvonne Schaufler in Burgwedel, Lower Saxony, was born on June 17, 1986. She grew raised with her grandparents there.

She did, however, leave the family at an early age and spent a long time in Austria and Mallorca. Ginger works as a stripper and webcam girl and is professionally inclined to the sexy industry.

Bert Wollersheim, a former brothel operator, finally met her in 2017. However, it doesn’t happen right away; the two don’t meet until a year later.

Ginger Wollersheim Wahres Alter
Ginger Wollersheim Wahres Alter

After barely three months of dating, the couple married on the Danish island of Aerö on October 6, 2018. The next day, they throw a large party on Hamburg’s Reeperbahn, as befits their prominence.

After her marriage, she gave up her sexy career and now spends a lot of time in Germany. There, she focuses her efforts on her vocation as a singer and entertainer.

Her debut single, “Pineapple Juice,” was released in January 2019. In July, the party hit “You Want It Too” will be released. It’s unclear why Ginger Wollersheim has changed so drastically in appearance.

However, her fans suspect that her husband, Bert Wollersheim, may be hiding somewhere. Under Ginger’s old photograph, a fan writes, “You were very wonderful.”

“Which chiropractor hat dich denn so versaut, du sehst heute viiiiel älter aus?” (Rechtschreibung übernommen). Many fans believe that this is how it will be said.

“Eine echt hübsche Frau und nun eine Kopie seiner Ex” (Rechtschreibung übernommen), says another comment. Ginger Costello is currently competing in “Promi Big Brother” for the title of winner. In her “real life,” the Blondine, whose real name is Yvonne Schaufler, is an entertainer on the Ballermann and the wife of Rotlichtkönig Bert Wollersheim. The fact that he is on operated women with a large upper torso is not a secret.

Ginger Wollersheim Wahres Alter
Ginger Wollersheim Wahres Alter

Ginger Costello, too, shares the Gatten’s fondness for various beauty procedures. The former stripperin has been enlarged by the bride, and her lips have been sprayed and her nose has been corrected.

Ginger, are you serious? Bert Wollersheim’s Gattin lächelt in the camera, naturally, with little make-up and without sprayed lips in the photo she posted on Instagram in May 2018. 

Ginger Wollersheim Wahres Alter

35 years

Ginger Wollersheim Wahres Alter
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