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Jens pflüger ehemann

by Jerry Patel
Jens pflüger ehemann
Jens pflüger ehemann

Jens pflüger ehemann -Jens Pflüger began his trimediales Volontariat at the Funkhaus Aschaffenburg in Unterfranken in the spring of 2010.

Different radio and television formats were moderated for Radio Primavera, the bayernwide youth radio station Radio Galaxy, and the regional television station main.tv. He has also worked as a producer for Radio Primavera.

In 2017, he began working with the Hessischen Rundfunk. Jens Pflüger has worked as a reporter and on-air reporter for the maintower, hallo Hessen, and the Ratgeber television shows in this location since 2007.

Additionally, he moderates the quiz shows Die Jackpot Jäger, Das große Jahresquiz, and Hessens schönste Kleingärten, as well as the Hessens schönste Kleingärten radio show.

In addition to his duties as a vertretung, he also served as the moderator for the Hessen Tipp radio show. Pflüger worked as a member of the Promi-Rate team on the Dings vom Dach television show in 2018, alongside Lutz van der Horst and Susanne Pätzold.

“Abgedreht in Stuttgart” “Wachgeküsst in Stuttgart” , and “Mord unter Franken”, in which he played the title role .

A life before main-street education as a bankkaufmann and balletttänzer (yes, I know, that goes along like peanut butter and jelly), getanzt in New York – modelled in Hong Kong, and then came the next world metropolis:

Aschaffenburg!. It was at this point that I discovered my love for radio and television. Three-month internship in the Funkhaus Aschaffenburg, culminating in the awarding of the Eierlegendenwollmilchsau.

As is so often the case in life, in the verflixten siebten year, when the paths had parted, a new love entered my life – the Hessische Rundfunk – was born.

Konny Rissmann from Kassel will undoubtedly keep an eye out for interesting Deko-Ideas, and it will be interesting to see if she is successful in Magdalenas Gemüsebeeten.

Jens pflüger ehemann
Jens pflüger ehemann

Peter Richter, the florist from Niddatal-Assenheim, enjoys grilling, and there should be more than just Gurkensticks with Kräuterdip on the table around lunchtime.

Also on the lookout will be Gabi and Jaromir, the party planners from the Raunheim Airport’s arrivals hall, who will make certain that the Laube is ready for an impromptu Good Luck Garden Party.

In order to ensure the well-being of Jens Pflüger, the game’s director and moderator, no one else will be responsible. It has come to his attention that Magdalena’s amerikanischer Ehemann is the one who brews the beer.

Despite the fact that it will not help Magdalena in the title fight, Jens’ work as a kitchen assistant may get noticeably shorter as a result. There is only one last question: what does eco-gardening specialist Lisa-Marie Schmandt of Magdalenas Bio-Farm keep?

Jens pflüger ehemann

Jens pflüger ehemann
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